35+ creative example of facebook cover photos design

Facebook is one of the most famous and very well accepted social networking website. Everyone knows the Facebook, as it is used around the world. Facebook cover photos design are amazing. The new feature comes a new way of introducing yourself though graphic other than profile photo that is Timeline Cover. We have mainly focused on the cover photo Design of the Facebook as it includes packaging type and inspiring design.
We’ve checked out literally hundreds of Facebook pages are most beautiful, stunning, unique and creative Facebook cover photos.

TimeLine Cover Editor:-
It is the latest feature that is recently introduced in the Facebook conference. TimeLine cover resulted in a lot of creativity. It looks fabulous with the timeline cover of facebook creativity. The first and foremost action you should take, is updating your timeline cover. All that free space is silently screaming for you to get creative.

When will be the Timeline available to users:
The registered Facebook application developers have the option of converting they’re personal profiles to the Timeline format. It is quite easy of getting access to Timeline.

Timeline facebook cover photos design can be change of your own choice. It looks amazing with profile image. You can find the great Facebook cover collection of famous brands, as brands are always popular around the world. Today we are glad to share with you some of the creative and stunning collection of fresh Facebook covers.
The CEO of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg said: “Timeline is the story of your life … in a new way to express who you are.” Many people have made their Facebook Timelines in a very creative and interesting way, some of those great ideas are shown in the list below:

Procter & Gamble Romania -

Procter Gamble Romani

Tata Nano -

tana nano

Walmart -


Krister Nielsen -

Krister Nielsen

Ivan Marino -

Ivan Marino

Herb Cloutier -

Herb Cloutier

Thorsten Bijl -

Thorsten Bijl

Piotr Loj -

Piotr Loj

Sven De Bruyne -

Sven De Bruyne

Konrad Dobson -

Konrad Dobson

Fanta -


Ace Reston -

Ace Reston

Jérémy Isshin Bardou -

Jérémy Isshin Bardou

Graziano Vincini -

Graziano Vincini

Giuseppe Draicchio -

Giuseppe Draicchio

Myriam Heneine -

Myriam Heneine

Rodney Hess -

Rodney Hess

Rusty Holcomb -

Rusty Holcomb

Lawson Hembree V -

Lawson Hembree V

Gabriel Masliah -

Gabriel Fort

Adham Dannaway -

Adham Dannaway

Antonio Fadda -

Antonio Fadda

Jerome Vadon -

Jerome Vadon

Carol Francis -

Carol Francis

Amsterdam Printing -

Amsterdam Printing

Bacon Hot Sauce -

Bacon Hot Sauce

Kay Int Veen -

Kay Int Veen

Shauna Winterol -

Shauna Winterol

Dunder -


Jörgen Bröms -

Jörgen Bröms

Murat Çizer -

Murat Çizer

Richard Kårström -

Richard Kårström


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  • GTS WebPlus

    Gr8 collection. Some of them are really interesting like the one of Nano and Fanta (3d)

    • http://www.magazinein.com/ Rihan Terence

      thanks buddy :-)

      • GTS WebPlus

        We frequently change facebook covers of GTS WebPlus. You can check that out at our page.